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Are you conscious of your words? Are you mindful of your slip-ups? Are you spontaneous or do you live by rote? It’s all too easy to fall into whatever the crowd is doing.

Creators don’t accept things on face value. They must find out for themselves, which means going to the source. And that is the secret of expanding your awareness—that is why you are here. As to what form your art will take, trust your soul to guide the way.

As I’ve written elsewhere, it is better to live in fulfillment than in hope—so said the master.

Yes, I thought, this way of looking at things has merit and innate power. Hope is the anticipated desire for the outcome of some event. At the same time, hope exists in the future and will defuse the power of the present moment if you are unaware of a fundamental relationship: you cannot become attached to hope and its desired outcome. This is freedom.

If you become attached to the outcome, you not only stifle the playing field of serendipity, you also lose your connection to the Cosmic Mind and, consequently, fall out of transcendence, or the gap as Deepak Chopra defines it in his masterpiece, Creating Affluence: Wealth Consciousness in the Field of All Possibilities. As you may surmise, wealth in Dr. Chopra's book is more than how much money you may have in the bank. Remember also that hope is not the same as prayer—to know there is a distinction is essential. Prayer implies a relationship and action; you agree to do your part. Hope is passive.

Why is falling out of the gap significant? Creation takes place in the gap, which is that transcendental space unencumbered by the clutter and noise of your own thoughts.

Many have been conditioned to perceive hope as a good word; you can’t get through the day without hearing someone saying it. But hope is not entirely benign. Every day, millions casually and carelessly invoke hope without comprehending its essential nature.

Over the years, hope and I have learned to understand each other. Now, I choose a more apt declaration for my desires, such as I trust that this or that will happen—trust being an archaic definition of hope that more precisely conveys my meaning. I trust—not hope—that I will create a good work.

For the true artist, becoming attached to the outcome is a dead end.

Do you place your hope or trust in the divine Creator?»

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