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As luck would have it


Sometimes serendipity is defined as having a natural gift for making wondrous discoveries by accident—but there are no accidents, or coincidences as it were; there is only timing.

This is not a naive perception of events; there is tragedy in this existence because there is also comedy. Keeping duality in focus is an essential tool for molding your life into one worth living. Life can be bittersweet.

People who refer to unexplained, random, and somehow related occurrences as coincidences do so because they cannot yet fully appreciate the interrelationship of one thing to another, which is the big picture—also known as the universal view of existence. Theories in quantum physics speak of parallel or multiple universes, which are intriguing. Overall, however, to paraphrase Voltaire, one universe is as miraculous as countless multiverses.

Serendipity does not happen by chance; it happens to those who are willing to see beyond the maya of social conditioning.

Why is serendipity important beyond what is apparent?

Serendipity favors those who are aware, and awareness is the direct link to consciousness. To seize an opportunity, you need to be aware of its presence. You may see some thing, some relationship between and among elements that no one else has ever seen. The question becomes this: Are you willing to stand up for your own dream, your own vision, when others simply cannot see it at all? A wondrous future must be molded by the eclectic visionaries of today. After all, if you don’t do it, who will?

Awareness embraces and surrounds wisdom. Awareness is being in touch with creation and the Great Creator. Awareness is a gift that is available to all those with the courage to create their fate and meet each day with humility. Now, that’s what I call luck.

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