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What is a miracle?

The answers may surprise you, and they depend upon whom you ask. Search the Internet to expand your view of this phenomenon. See what the great minds over the millennia had to say about miracles.

Generally, a miracle is an event that defies, and ultimately deifies, our understanding of physical laws and everyday experience. After all, the spark of life itself is a miracle.

In the popular doctrine, it is those of faith who will become conscious of a miracle. I have found that this approach is backwards. See my take on Faith and its relationship to miracles.

Is a miracle some form of physical law that can be controlled that is merely separated by time and is then called technology? All the modern devices we take for granted today would have been lauded as miracles in the past.

Here, I am not talking about miracles that have taken on mythological status as shared experiences in the common culture, such as the Burning Bush, parting of the Red Sea, the Virgin Birth, or the spontaneous healing performed by Jesus.

Here, I am talking about art from the soul, which is a miracle made manifest on the physical plane; such art is a proof of the divine and of our personal capacity to connect with the Great Creator. I insist that you don’t accept this conclusion on my say so. For this definition to matter and have value, you must prove it to your own self.

You can’t empirically prove to anyone else how a miracle happened to you. If the miracle is authentic, however, you can prove it by the nature of its physical existence. I do it daily.

If you’d like to read a narrative of my experience with miracles, faith, and my search for the Creator, please see Divine Fire.

Remember, the true art lover must work as hard as the artist.»

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