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Maiden Voyage




What are kites doing in this section anyway?

Flying a kite changed my life in a most spectacular way.

Why did it happen? I can’t say for sure.

Maybe it was because I flew my first kite, a birthday gift, at age thirty. I had never flown a kite as a kid. Maybe flying my first one as an adult allowed me to see through a child’s eyes. Maybe it was because a kite forced me to look up.

Feeling my kite ascend until it reached a comfortable soaring angle in the sky touched something deep inside me. I didn’t know what that thing was at the time. I did know there was something magical about this heavier than air flying invention that I had now discovered.

Lofting that first kite was a transcendental experience. While flying that kite I stopped thinking and was transported into a meditation of my own. That kite opened up a provocative possibility of something that was, at the time, beyond my reach. That kite was a catalyst, yet another unexpected door opener, a wedge into that domain of alchemy where passion and creation reign.

From the moment I flew that kite, I became restless. A wanderlust began to stir in my soul, and I could sense that this was no lark. There would be no turning back. It wasn’t that I didn’t experience adventure in my life. I did. But, this deceptively simple kite had unleashed a new type of yearning. I didn’t know where this journey would take me or how long it would take me to get there.

The kite was a symbol of synergy.

As Buckminster Fuller wrote, and I paraphrase here, the essence of synergy is this: There’s no way of predicting the purpose or behavior of the whole by examining its parts individually.

In turn, by examining the separate elements of a kite, there’s no way to predict one of its collective effects—the pleasure it can bring to the kite flier and, in my case, an awesome gift —the doorway into the realm of art.

Window in the Sky is the account of my maiden kite voyage.

Remember, many are called; few choose to go.»


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