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There are two watershed themes I keep in mind daily.

The most significant milestone of my life was discovering that I was a creator, an artist from the soul, which was a gift I would never have predicted for myself.

As I was moving along in life, it wasn’t that I didn’t have the capacity to feel deeply, or succeed in my endeavors. I did. I didn’t know what to feel deeply about; I had not yet found the magic called passion.

In the course of my thirty-year-long odyssey to find my reason for being, I learned that the key to lasting personal success, which constitutes becoming a fully realized human being, requires a task that is single-minded of purpose with no net for turning back. This task is finding your dharma, or purpose in life, no matter what the cost. What choice do you have? And the cost is but the ante for engaging transcendental high stakes where, like the Zen archer, your arrow leaves the bow and strikes the bull's eye based solely upon your skill.

This task I have accomplished.

I have had three one man shows—one in Los Angeles and two in New York. My writing and art has been commissioned by the Encyclopædia Britannica. My kite sculptures have been on exhibit in the World Trade Center and the National Art Museum of Sport at Madison Square Garden. My paintings are in private collections here and abroad.

I create every day; I appreciate my art; and I am grateful each day for the gift of divine fire.

My public art life is at the beginning. After ten focused years, my book is published: An Artist Empowered: Define and Establish Your Value as an Artist—Now.

My other major triumph is that my mother, Adele, is here to witness my evolution as an artist who knew enough to listen to his intuition.

Remember, when you find your dharma you confront and embrace your destiny.

This is the life.»


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