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Tuesday Oct 30, 2007

Wise Up

Reading what the ‘experts’ on art have to say will open your eyes to the difference between intellectualizing and intuitive knowing.

If you would like to educate yourself a bit about the art market, see the November, 2007 issue of New York Magazine.

With such articles pitched as Is Money Killing Art? or The Artists Who Matter Now, you will appreciate how art is turned into a commodity, which isn’t inherently a vice.

Art that sells for hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars has entered the world of merchandising to a certain art buying clientele. Keep in mind that an artist can do quite well selling to patrons with smaller pocketbooks—but such acquistions doen’t make for outrageous headlines.

Money is not killing art; I would be tempted to say that if anything, greed is the culprit. But keep in mind that such articles are not about art; they are spinning about the high end art market, which is a business, not an ashram. 

And as for which artists matter, you will have to make up your own mind.