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Sunday May 13, 2012

What is the Matter?

higgs boson field
Higgs Boson Field

In my book, An Artist Empowered, I devoted a large and in-depth chapter to Art & Physics. Why such an investigation into theoretical physics and its pioneers in a book about art?

In a meaningful sense, both art & physics aim for the same thing: reveal the magic of the unseen.

The more we comprehend matter, the better we can put its secret qualities to good use. The great artists of the past were deeply intrigued by time, space, and matter as it transforms into energy—call it alchemy, call it art.

Finding the fundamental bit of matter is one of the holy grails in theoretical physics. As deep as we peer into the quantum world, there will always be a new underlying mystery to solve.

Meanwhile, the quantum world often shows up in my paintings. Here is the Higgs Boson Field that cannot yet be seen by machines, but can be viewed in all its glory in art.