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Friday Jul 20, 2012

Walking thru Walls

quartz revelations
Quartz Revelations

Years ago, during my rolling stone days in California, I found myself in a white stone mansion-like home in the hills overlooking Santa Barbara.

The house was crowded with new age nudnicks who had come to see and be in the presence of a master. I was there as an observer.

In the early afternoon, everyone crowded into to one of the huge rooms. The master would soon make his appearance.

He did, and it seemed that the main topic would be this: he would walk through a wall for all to witness.

Okay, I thought, let’s see where this is going to go.

The master walked up the wall and stood there for some time. Eventually, one of his acolytes dropped to her knees in apparent awe. Yes, indeed, she had seen the master walk through the wall.

If she saw this metaphysical event, why not you? Another acolyte piped up. He said not to worry if you couldn’t see the master move through the wall. It only meant that you weren’t evolved enough. Better luck next time.

Who would admit that the master merely stood at the wall? This is a wonderfully clear example of the point made in The Emperor’s New Clothes.

So, some two hundred people admitted to seeing something that did not exist. Mind control in the overt. If you accept dogma without scrutiny, then what did you expect?

And what a great blessing to recognize where you are now without pretense or the false masks of personality. This is liberation. This is art.