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Sunday Jan 03, 2010

Walk the Talk

Here’s a snippet from the pr release for An Artist Empowered:

From the Mean Streets to Self-Realization
Find Your Walking Shoes

A sage from India sets the stage: “Wanting to reform the world without discovering your true self is like trying to cover the whole world with leather to avoid the pain of walking on stones and thorns. It is simpler to wear shoes.” If the artist doesnt understand the mission parameters, then anxiety and fear reign, or worse—the artist abandons the dream.

Eden Maxwell (painter, writer, and kiteflier of some note) grew up in the hood of the inner city and fought his way out of the projects to find his walking shoes; he recalls:

“Many years ago, with no net, guarantees, or a rich uncle, I gave up the ‘security’ of a promising Fortune 500 fast track position, health insurance, stock option plans, weekend brunches, and a doorman for an unpredictable life of what seemed at the time insurmountable obstacles. My intuition, not a muse, had been whispering the mantra: go for it some day something of value will come. Like the main character in the book Shoeless Joe by W.P. Kinsella (adapted into the film Field of Dreams), I had also bet the ‘farm’ on a disembodied voice only I could hear. Those close to me thought I was making a huge career mistake. If you don’t have faith in your own dream, then what’s the point?”