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Sunday Oct 09, 2011


return of the king
Return of the King

You are making art, and you feel that your creations should support you. Is this a reasonable demand, or not? Did anyone guarantee such an outcome?

Let’s look and dig deep. Having your art seen and acquired by collectors adds up to prestige and money. But, what if this is not happening? Your philosophy will make the difference between fulfillment and failure.

The essence of making art is to be in that magical space of creation where time and space support your passion. Everything after the painting is marketing, timing, and a bit of luck. To get at the bottom line of making it as an artist, the point is to do whatever it takes to keep going so that you can be in that sublimely powerful space of creation. If your art isn’t yet paying the bills, you must step up. Otherwise, who is fooling whom?

The true artist will always find a way.