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Thursday Oct 07, 2010

Truth Be Told

Buddha Among the Lotus Flowers

Truth is ironically a volatile word. Wars have been fought over it since the beginning. Then, there is the search for truth; but whose truth?

Instead of seeking “the” truth. Better to search for “a” truth, and you’ll be in good balance. My journey has been about finding a truth, and I did. I discovered that art and soul are the same thing. And “the” truth is simply God in whatever form the Great Creator appears to you. The Lord of all that is does not need people to launch crusades on his/her behalf.

So, one truth leads to another, which are the same steps to finding one’s dharma, or purpose in life—as the Buddha himself did in going from a prince to being a great sage. Do not get bogged down in dogma. An artist that succumbs is destined to always second-guessing herself—which is self-induced torment, not fulfilling dharma.