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Sunday Mar 14, 2010

Theory of Everything

German American physicist Albert Einstein was born this day in 1879.

In his book, Einstein, Picasso, Arthur I. Miller writes:

“The corpus of Einstein’s fourth paper entitled ‘On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies,’ the so-called relativity paper, is at first glance no different from other scientific papers of that era.

“Yet first glance deceives: It was daring in both style and content. Today no leading physics journal would publish it because of its complete lack of citations to the literature.”

If this is so, then art and physics are allies in the description of truths: physical and metaphysical. Nearly a century after Einstein drew his line of chalk in the fabric of space-time, the quest for the Theory of Everything has become the holy grail of advanced theoretical physics.

The equation of the millennium would explain the elemental relationship of matter and energy, gravity and light.

We can also note that a considerable aspect of Einstein’s genius lay in his gift for asking the right questions coupled with his dedication, his ability to stay with a problem for many years until a solution revealed itself.