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Monday Oct 19, 2009

The Truth Redux

I write about truth in great depth in this blog and in my book: An Artist Empowered.

The question arises: Whose truth? This then is the nexus of nearly all strife on the planet, including artists who would be true. Examples are not the intuitive understanding of Zen, but they can be helpful in sorting out the cobwebs from the old cranium.

If you’re fortunate to live in an area that is still mostly smog free, then you can look up on a moonless night and see reality as it is. The cosmos is truth, but, ironically, knowing this doesn’t mean you can comprehend it in this moment. However, this is a tipoff that you must woo the truth; it will never come chasing you.

The same can be said for original art. Looking and grasping are separate entities. Remember, it is you must know what you are perceiving, not the reporter, editor, art critic, or museum directer—name your hired gun expert. Truth is perceived firsthand, one individual at a time. Truth will set you free; this also means knowing what you don’t know.