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Monday Feb 11, 2008

Tesla Who?

From An Artist Empowered:

Although seemingly overlooked for years, there is a current renaissance of interest in the eccentric man who understood electricity. In the mid-1880’s, Nikola Tesla, a lanky twenty-eight-year-old Serbian immigrant and eccentric genius, nervously laid out his plans for alternating electric current (AC) to his hero, Thomas Edison.

However, Edison was already heavily committed to direct electric current (DC), a delivery system that was both cumbersome and inefficient. Edison gave the eager and penniless Tesla a job, but not why you might reason. He hired Tesla to keep him from further developing AC, which was clearly the superior technology.

After a brief time, Tesla quit working for Edison over two primary reasons: the AC issue and Edison’s failure to pay him a $50,000 premium for a select number of innovations he had developed for DC power.