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Monday Jan 17, 2011

SUV Wisdom Class

Idealism Redux

The other day during my drive into Santa Fe, I found myself behind an SUV replete with bumper stickers and other tags of wisdom plastered over the entire back of the car.

One sticker read, I’m paraphrasing: The minds that created this mess are not the minds with the solutions.

This observation is not far from the truth of things. But, what about your own self? Can you figure a way out from the dogma, social conditioning, regrets, and mindless conformity? 

You have it within you to break free, if that is your preeminent desire, and see the problem for what it is, and for what it is not. Once you accept culpability, you can then move onto the next step of redemption—a place where you realize this: old thinking and coercion must be cast out; the answers, the insights, must come from an entirely new set of standards, which is also the dynamic that creates great art.

Lessons are all around us when we are aware.