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Saturday Jun 07, 2008

Surprise in the Box

Recently, I had to locate an official paper.

I was sure I knew where it was, but not so. I searched, rifled through draws, closets, boxes, and so on with no success. Where could it be? True, I had been a rolling stone for some time, and it could have ended up who knows where. Eventually, I did find the paper in a small box stored in my sister’s attic.

The big surprise in the box, however, was my discovery of a 90-minute TDK audio cassette labeled “January 23, 1983: to Maxwell from Hal.” What’s this? Over the years, the box had been exposed to the heat of the desert, the humidity of Florida, the cold of the Northeast, and the arctic and equator temperatures of an attic. Could a tape survive this long and in such extreme environments?

When I got home, I popped the cassette in and hit the play button.