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Tuesday Jan 24, 2006

Still Minding the Gap

No thoughts means no confusion is the “thought” for the day.

Deepak Chopra writes about the gap—that magic field between thoughts where anything is possible.

While meditation is one way to access this field, most of us, as a point of common reference, have experienced the gap in this manner. There is an imperceptible moment when we pass from being awake to being asleep. Most often, we cannot recall the precise instant when we slipped from conscious thought into subconscious dream activity.

But, there are times when a feeling of falling, a noise, or some other startling sensation yanks us from the twilight of slumber. Then, for a timeless second we become aware of the gap as it lies between our subtle journey from sleep back into the wakeful world of thought and chatter.

The gap is also the source of all great art.