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Thursday Jun 19, 2008

Shortage of Vision

Something of quality is forever good, regardless of time, trends, fashion, or wavering tastes. We easily become desensitized to shock art over time, but never to art from the soul—which doesn’t become obsolete regardless of art movements or labels.

As the maelstrom of opposing views tears at the fabric of society, you must remain steadfast and clear (this doesn’t imply the false god of perfection) to make it. You must do the introspective work now; no one can do it for you; and as an artist, you wouldnt have it any other way.

Needs aren’t frivolous desires or nonessential wants. Buddha and Abraham Maslow made that clear.

As Bucky Fuller had also observed: “There is no Energy Shortage. There is no Energy Crisis. There is a Crisis of Ignorance.”