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Wednesday Jul 04, 2012

Self-Deception Redux

queen of the nile
Queen of the Nile

During my years with the Zen master artist, I met many hundreds, if not over a thousand artists.

After some years, a pattern began to develop that involved what all too many artists were saying—and reality. Fortunately, the master was a crystal clear mirror for genius as well as for ignorance. I won’t get into stupidity here, but you can imagine.

As it turned out, so many of these artists who proclaimed that intuition was their source, were suffering from the same delusion: They were thinking themselves into intuition, as in this is what I think intuition looks like or feels like.

You can’t think your way into intuition. But, you can release your cognitive mind for a grander perspective.

As if art weren’t controversial enough, now we must contend with artists who are living in self-deception. So, how do we know whether the artist is genuine? You will find out if that is your mission.