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Monday May 12, 2008

Rome is Burning

Here’s an excerpt from the press release for An Artist Empowered:

“While having the dream to be an artist is admirable, persevering against the collective drag of disappointment, doubt, and adversity demands more: artists must fortify—not coddle—themselves with strength of character if they are to fulfill their mission. The artist must not only be self-reliant, he must also remain vigilant of those who would co-opt his fire from heaven to roast marshmallows.”

Are you creating despite the dire events you read about in the news? Why is this important?

And, if this is so for you, are you creating despite the dire (do not abuse this word) events going on in your own life? Why is this important?

Sometimes, the artist must face the metaphor: Is she making art while Rome is burning?

These are questions which you, not a committee, must ultimately confront and answer.