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Tuesday Aug 07, 2012

Postmodern Blues

honestly and truly
Honestly and Truly

From An Artist Empowered:

“In the Western world, art movements from modern to postmodern came and waned: from impressionism to expressionism, from art deco to art nouveau, from cubism to surrealism, from abstract expressionism to minimalism, from conceptualism to pop art—to the art zeitgeist of today, which, having no convenient container, or ‘ism’, or art movement cachet per se, many contend is a mere fusion of styles glimmering to us from the past, or worse: an art that has been co-opted for political ideology or for shock value—which is what it sounds like.”

Placing art into cubicles for the sake of organization might be helpful for historians, not artists.

Can you feel the truth of it? Art is not an ‘ism’.