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Wednesday Jul 27, 2011

Pogo Redux

free to be
Free to Be

If you could distance yourself from your species, and then look at the world dispassionately, you might see things through the lucid lens of awareness, instead of murky mindless societal conditioning.

There are exemplary individuals, and wondrous human achievements. 

But, if we look at the species as a whole when it comes to being stewards of the planet, then an F- grade is being generous. Let’s say there was an out of control species called the ‘doomers’ ravaging the planet for resources, we would classify them as pests, and summarily hunt them down to exterminate the problem.

To cite the famous Pogo quotation: “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

What now? What next? Unfortunately, most humans don’t have a built-in barometer that tells them it’s time to stop mindless propagation. In the end, Mother Nature will restore balance at a cost that will be brutal.

There’s an insightful and prophetic scene from the 1999 film, the Matrix, which puts the current state of humanity into perspective. Agent Smith isn’t human; he’s a digital agent of the Matrix, a computer-generated world that is accepted as our everyday reality.

Here it is: