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you can't outsource your soul work

Saturday Mar 08, 2008

Pithy and No Less

The other day, a painter asked me what my new book for artists was all about. He told me that he had read many how to books for artists and wanted to know how An Artist Empowered was different.

I did preface things by saying that this is not a twelve step program type book—others have already covered that territory. You can’t teach anyone to be original.

Of course, the marketing mavens insist that you have at your fingertips a concise sentence (elevator pitch), paragraph, and one-page description to sum things up as required.

An Artist Empowered is about discovering purpose in life, understanding the gift, and what it takes to complete the mission.

Or, put another way, this book is a firsthand field-tested compass for finding the courage, stamina, and insight to be a creator

You can’t outsource your soul work.