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Thursday Aug 22, 2013

Perilous Views

self portrait
Self Portrait

—from An Artist Empowered:

You might have noticed that the assignment didn’t include these annoying verbal ticks: ‘um’, ‘eh’, ‘like’, and ‘ya know’.

The reason for this is that editing out the hardwired reflex words in the Gauntlet challenge will spontaneously and organically begin to eliminate other ticks. If you are an abuser of ‘obvious’, then I urge you to drop this dangerous word from your vocabulary.

The true artist once informed knows that no thing is obvious—if it were, wouldn’t you have already been acclaimed for your genius? Keep a sharp ear and hear how many otherwise intelligent people use ‘obvious’, a reflex, holier than thou word meaning that everyone would come to the same conclusion—which is a perilous view apparently overlooked by so many.

How insidious covert coercion can be as it attempts to manipulate our lives as artists, especially when dealing with rejection or acceptance.

If you control your language, you will define and give meaning to a reality of value where you have authority.