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Sunday Sep 05, 2010

Patience Equals Dividends


Aldo resting in his mini-aviary

If you’ve been following my remarkable storyline with Aldo, my wild rescued young parakeet, read on. If not, simply type in “aldo” in the search box to come up to speed.

Today, Aldo made the next move toward trust; he had grabbed my finger in the past for millet; however, this time he stepped up onto my palm where he enjoyed his millet treat. Aldo’s display of trust was priceless.

I specifically owe this progress to Robin, a member of the Talk Budgies Forum. I had watched her invaluable training video about having her wild parakeet, Strider, walk onto her palm. I simply followed her lead, which has taken some 5 weeks for Aldo to step onto my palm.

And all this without depriving Aldo of food as a motivator—which Robin called the fast track—and least desirable.

There is no fast track to art, either. You must learn to trust your own self in a sea of endless opinions and groping hands.