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Sunday Jul 17, 2011

Painted Bird

sweetie boy
Sweetie Boy, the cockatiel

The other day, I kicked back on a chair facing Sweetie Boy, the cockatiel. My head leaned back on one large armrest, and my legs dangled over the other.

As I was watching Sweetie Boy go about his business, he eventually stopped on a perch and turned his back to me. You can see from the above photo, the bird’s mid-back is a mottled gray and off-white.

Sweetie Boy suddenly stretched out his wings, pull them back in, shook himself, ruffling his feathers. What happened next was amazing. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

A photorealistic image of a face appeared in his feathered mid-back section. But, this was not some arbitrary image among a random overlay of feathers, as the brain is constantly trying to give meaning to patterns. The portrait, beard, and all, was of my longtime master art teacher, Max Shertz who had recently departed this mortal coil.

Synchronicity. I leave you to come to your own conclusions.

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