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Monday Nov 01, 2010

Pablo & Pinocchio

Back to the Garden

Today is Picasso’s birthday.

Here’s an apt quote from my book, An Artist Empowered:

Remember, PABLO wasn’t born famous.

In the year 1881, the world of art and literature was enriched as it welcomed both Pinocchio and Pablo Picasso into its midst. These two figures—the marionette and the artist—would become international symbols, and in their own lifetime. The artist, who would become fascinated by puppetry, shared not only the same year of birth with the marionette, but a common bond in their quest to invent a life worth living, to search for the soul, and what it means to be a creator.

But unlike his living puppet confrere, who remains forever young as written by his author, Picasso was, after all, human—living out his life; then, as do we all, he exited from this incarnation to the next exhibit.