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Saturday Apr 21, 2012

Opinions / Not Thinking

tall tales
Tall Tales

Ancient masters reveled a great truth: opinions, not money, are the root of all evil.

And we all know the rest of the story: ‘everyone’ has an opinion. In most cases, when you have an opinion, it is based on what you have heard from others. Your opinion is not you, but a rehash of what came before—which could be a good thought, too.

Not thinking, in the Zen understanding, is not only mystical, it is practical. When you access not thinking, you leave opinions behind for a grander purpose and awareness.

I have a covenant with my art: not thinking while creating. This keeps my opinions out, and my art original.

Yes, but how do I access not thinking, you may ask.

If you want to find out you will. See the reason in the advice.

Meanwhile, for the important things, find out for yourself. First-hand knowledge has great liberating power.