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Sunday Oct 28, 2007

Nirvana Plain & Simple

The question then becomes: Does my model for living an authentic life hold up against the inner demons of angst and agony? In those moments on the ‘razor’s edge’, I realize that I don’t have to reinvent the old wheel of karmic understanding.

I need look no further than what Buddha revealed ages ago: anyone can make peace with self-inflicted pain and suffering through awareness, which snaps the perceiver out of illusion and into seeing reality as it is in the here and now.

In this way, I keep my story lively while living in a state of evolving self realization, despite the cycle of obstacles, denseness, nuisances, nonsense, and all the dire and petty things that desperately want to derail me from my mission, my dharma to make art—and I do so daily. 

Nirvana is reality as it is.