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Friday Jun 27, 2008

My Mother, The Zen Master

Last night there was memorial service for my dear mother, Adele.

Many had turned out to pay their respects. Those who felt compelled, stood at the podium and spoke about Adele and what she meant to them.

We are, after all, the sum total of our memories.

As I was recalling an experience or two about her, and the legacy of lessons she had taught me, I had a further realization within a context.

Adele’s compassion was boundless for all living things. When she spoke with you, you had her full attention in the present moment. She was focused on you, not what she had to do later, or even distracted by the severe pain that she endured. She encouraged the best in everyone. She was grateful. She was a loving doer and a giver.

Her intuitive sense was strong, as it always revealed the heart of the matter. She had no hidden agendas; she said what she meant.

When I look at these superb qualities of character now, clearly my mother was a Zen master in the most profound sense, without a need for labels, ritual, or rote.