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Saturday Jul 10, 2010

More About Aldo

It’s been about two weeks since Aldo, the parakeet, landed at my front door. No one has claimed him. He’s doing very well and is content.

Since he had flown onto my finger outside, I thought he was at least partially tame. However, when I tried getting him to step up onto my finger inside his cage, he refused. This means that he and I are in for clicker training—a form of positive reinforcement training that requires patience.

It turns out that despite being wild, Aldo perceived me as a port in the storm, flying over and landing on my finger. He overcame his fear of humans (who can blame him) for relief from the harsh desert and its predators. This gives new meaning to an outdated and erroneous concept: birdbrain. 

So, we can say that little Aldo worked me, and we are both the richer for it.