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Saturday Jan 22, 2011

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Post Pop

More observations on the road:

Yesterday, I was in the left hand turn lane waiting for a long red light to give the green arrow for the turn. There, on the road divider to my left was a woman bundled in a big coat with a dog at her side, and a hand-scrawled sign that read: I’m traveling on a prayer. Of course, she was panhandling. There was a long line of cars behind and in front of me. It was a cold, windy day in Santa Fe.

I don’t often make such handouts because the panhandler isn’t offering something in exchange. But, I’m not stuck in my own dogma, either. For example, some time ago a young couple had parked themselves in front of a large discount store. Instead of begging, they were selling tacos stuffed with bacon. I’m not a bacon eater. Still, this ragged couple needed some help. I gave them $5 bucks, and said, please keep the tacos.

The lady with the dog stood on the windy road divider waiting. No one was offering alms. So, I waved her over, and gave her a buck, saying this is for your doggie. She blessed me and went back to the road divider. Then, suddenly, as if orchestrated on cue—one, two, three, four, and then five car windows in front of me opened in a cascade of generosity, waving paper money for her, which she promptly retrieved, blessing those folks too, I’m sure.

Finally, the green light arrow came on for that left turn. I drove passed the lady and her dog, we waved, and I was off.