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Sunday May 24, 2009

Memorial Day

The Memorial Day “holiday” is a good time to get out of yourself, your petty issues, and any other negative carbuncles holding you down.

Those who paid the ultimate price for their families and posterity must not be forgotten—especially by a youth culture that is mostly clueless about the past, and even recent history. While this society is far from perfect, it still contains the magic insights and seeds of the founding fathers. If we let freedom slip through our fingers because of fear, then that is what we deserve. Until the human race becomes enlightened, preserving our system of government is the necessary wedge against evil, oppression, mindless genocide, and the rape of mother earth. Remember, Buddha observed that the greatest enemy of humankind is ignorance.

The more we reflect upon and consider art, soul, and dharma, our individual chances for surviving our fruitless bent as a species for self-annihilation drops dramatically.

Let us say no to a dystopian future. Let our self-fulfilling prophecy include: do no harm.