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Friday Mar 19, 2010

Language Dufus

The premise:

Visitors to this website and readers of my book, An Artist Empowered, have already come across one of my mantras: no thing is obvious and no thing goes without saying.

On the radio this morning, I heard a writer, The New York Times replacement for the language column made famous by the late William Safire, talk about his newfound plum of a job.

Within the first minute, the writer uttered ‘obvious’, and then again within the next minute. I had no choice but to leave that radio interview to its own devices.

If obvious, meaning clear to everyone, had any significance, the world would be what the Buddha had envisioned—a place set free from mindless rote, ignorance, and superstition. 

Words, which developed after art, can enlighten and encourage, or they can cause havoc and mayhem. So, the next time ‘obvious’ dribbles near your tongue, say, for example, ‘apparent’ or ‘self-evident’ instead. Words that have depth and meaning empower you, and those around you.

Be diligent. You won’t be sorry.