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Wednesday Oct 27, 2010

Intuition / God, the Verb

Sous Chef

The word intuition is thrown about a lot; you often hear or read a software application is intuitive—meaning many of its features are readily discoverable without the need for many pages of written instructions.

This description can also describe the Zen understanding of intuition, where knowledge is grasped through immediate insight, not dogma, lengthy lectures, or experts.

The question persists: what is intuition?

Fundamentally, if the compelling force is for the good of all, then it is, indeed, intuition. If the feeling reeks of pettiness, self-pity, or any pitiful cohort, as in unscrupulous acts, then it is what it sounds like.

While empirical knowledge changes with new discoveries, knowledge based on intuitive awareness is universal, timeless, and doesn’t become obsolete—which also describes fine art.

Remember, intuition is your soul feeling the direct voice of consciousness—God. For those who can’t wrap their sensibilities around the concept of the Creator, Buckminster Fuller, polymath, inventor, and social observer on spaceship Earth, maintained that God is a verb, not a noun.

Did you “God” today brothers and sisters?