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Monday Jun 27, 2011

Holier Than Thou

earth guardians
Earth Guardians

Here’s a quote about embracing wholeness (the positive and negative) by an unknown source that often makes the rounds on the internet.

“Only when we can love hell will we find heaven.”

Does this make any sense to you? It would have been better to write: Only when we are aware of hell will we appreciate heaven.

It seems that the origin of this thought had been wrung dry of any grounding in reality or inspiration through the insidious politically correct extractor.

To feign a feeling, even for good intentions, still paves the way to you know where.

Here is my take on the duality of wholeness (there is no up without down) from An Artist Empowered:

To know heaven, you would have to know hell—and what pure, rare, and subtle colors would then grace your bold palette.

Amen, brothers and sisters.