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Wednesday Nov 17, 2010

Help Your Self

Mother Ganges

From An Artist Empowered:

Yes, the universe will help you. You might have seen this declaration plastered in all sorts of new age media. In practical terms, you may well ask, ‘what does this mean?’

Who or what is the universe and why should it help me? Keep it simple. A true friend will help. When you acknowledge that there are forces at work beyond what your physical senses can detect, you are opening a door to a universe of all possibilities.

When you are resolute, in dharma, and make a choice, you become aware of opportunities that will support your effort. This is the ‘law of attraction’ at work. The creator force of the universe, God, is on your side.

Of course, you must do the work and become alert to these opportunities as they arise. Embrace your intuition and release preconceived notions.

Do this and you will persevere in the most astonishing way, one that you could not have planned or predicted. It is a miracle.