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Gott zum Gruß

Hi Eden Maxwell, Dies ist die Frohe Botschaft aus Bruckberg, Zentralwestmittelfranken, Deutschland,

Europa, Planet Erde. Es dreht sich um das Paradies, eine universelle Erkenntnis;
Respekt und Toleranz machen Liebe und Friede möglich!
Hier ist ein Projekt am Entstehen: Adam in Eden-Paradise now-Therapygarden.
Wenn Du möchtest erzähl´ich Dir mehr.


Hi from the neighbour

Hi Eden,
the funny thing is - we live next door to each other and instead of using voice we using the internet. Anyhow - I am glad to see new artworks and wonderful updates on your WEB site. Are you planning to publish parts of your new book on the WEB?



friendly contact

Dear Eden,

Hard for a techphobe like me navigate the site. My email is Send me your contact info. Thanks.


The Master

Eden: now that i have known you for a few years i can truly say that you are a Master of your Art Form, and a Pretty Darn Good Writer as well! (just joking you’re actually a really Darn good writer!)

I also want everyone to know what decent person you are and how you contribute to the Macintosh community here in NY!

                Signed-Your Metromac Managing editor


Master Rejection

It has been a blessing to find your site. PLease let me know when your book becomes available.


You as a person

You as a person and your incredible way of seeing and feeling has made my life whole.


Thank you!

I have yet to really sit down and read all the wonderful words and thoughts on this site. I am at work now and I sent myself a bookmark to my home computer so I can thoroughly absorb the writings and art this weekend.

I truly believe the universe sent me here. It is very ironic because I have been muttering words to myself all morning about rejection, my own life, my lack of faith, etc. etc. Between classes (I am a teacher.) I sat down at the computer and did a search on artists + rejection. I found this site. I have just read a few pages and it is hitting me like a brick.

Thank you so much for your work and words.



Hi Eden,

You must be a very famous and well appreciated artist.

Sorry for being so rude for not knowing this. You must go to The Netherlands with your wonderfull works that show a great variety of techniques and atmospheres.

I like Golden Gazelle the best, but that is because Gazelle is a very well known Bicycle brand name and I just bought one.

I have to take more time to get a good impression of your work.

A great disadvantage of your work on internet is that you will never be able to get the real atmosphere, the true spirit of a finished product as you experience when you look at the original in the 1:1 size.

Do you have plans to expose in The Netherlands or elsewhere in Europe?

Is your work for sale?

You are a colourfull man, Eden.


Enjoy the passing of time

Dear Eden,

I am just about visiting your website.
This is completely different from what I expected. A fact that tells me more about myself than about you.

So, I have closed the website, opened my mind and went back to your website.

This is better, much better now.
What your website did to me is learning me that I have to throw away my expectations, open my mind for every impression that is around me and enjoy the passing of time. Kite flying historic kites is for me is certainly an enjoyable way of passing much time.

Keep continuing your inspiring quotes.
Even someone in The Netherlands likes to read them from time to time.

Good spirits from:
Frits Sauvé
Diemen NL


Thank you

Thank you for opening your mind and soul for the benefit of all. If all artists would do the same, we could certainly travel far.

Thank you

When someone helps you out, simply say: “Thank you.” Do not become self-deprecating and dishonor the giver in the process.


Hello from New-York…:)

Dear Eden…

truely, i dont belive you belong to this planet ! what the hell you are doing here ? there are plenty of planets for people who live their soul. If i were you, i would buy a ticket from NASA and leave. This world is too small for you. I’m happy for you that you tuched the stars by tuching your soul.
The site is very ELEGANT, but a bit of pale. give me some colors, brother !


On What is Art

I dont believe conceptual art is all cerebral and not from the soul.  Suppose i am in an emotional state that gives me clarity and in wanting to share that clarity with the world it instantly occurs to me to create work that is seemingly conceptual but isnt.  Sort of like the person that is in a tragic situation but must compose themselves in order to continue.   


Kodus Nice work

Like what you’ve done here some good error checking etc. in your forms. Site look is great soft and gentle…...


Website et Art

Interesting and creative interface to the website. I also enjoy the artwork in the gallery, and the commentary from the artist..a real blessing to know you Eden


Beautiful Work

Very nice piece of work and an interesting site. Congratulations!
Vaino Raun