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Wednesday Dec 15, 2010

For Whose Sake

Tesla Redux

If you succumb to the syndrome that my brush is bigger than your brush, not only have you missed the point about art, you will forever look over your shoulder with anxiety, fear, and doubt as your partners.

Art for art’s sake isn’t about indulgence. Art for art’s sake, which is created without motive, isn’t a competitive activity, despite what you may have heard or read. Picasso may have felt that he was in competition with Matisse, but it wasn’t about art.

Of course, the performing arts or other activities requiring auditions are another matter.

I don’t make art to compete; I create art because that is my destiny, my dharma, and when you are in dharma, no one does what you do better than you.

Some time ago, I was sitting in a cafe with someone who told me with great exuberance about his desire: “I want to sing.”

“Go ahead,” I said. “I’m listening.