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Sunday Mar 30, 2014

Firsthand is the Source

at the met
At the Met, NYC, 2007

I was nearly finished writing and laying out my book, An Artist Empowered. Then, suddenly, I heard of an exhibit that was closing the next day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Cézanne to Picasso: Ambroise Vollard, Patron of the Avant-Garde.

Why was this important? The exhibition concludes with a gallery devoted to the work of Pablo Picasso who had his first Parisian exhibition in 1901 at Vollard’s gallery.

I had written a chapter “Picasso Unplugged” and there was a discrepancy whether Pablo’s first exhibit with Vollard was a failure or a success. I had researched the historical data but couldn’t find anything definitive. Even Pablo contradicted himself, saying it was a failure (poor me) and sometimes he would say it had been a success.

The show at the Met would have my answer. And, it did.

For something important, as in art, going to the source, the wellspring, will reveal the truth of things. Then, no one can whisper nonsense into your ears.