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Thursday Jan 07, 2010

Eye of the Needle

All art isn’t from the soul. This isn’t a point of separation or a comparison; it is a distinction that each artist must make for her own self. If you don’t know where you stand, then you can be assured others will make that choice for you. The artist who creates art for art’s sake paints an indelible line in the sand. She remains steadfast and unadulterated by the temperamental winds of taste, social conditioning, or cultural pressures to conform.

While this artist may be politically active, or not, she is never complacent. Her art can’t be co-opted or unsettled by the nonsense or agenda concocted by others. She uses her work for whatever reasons she desires; as long as it is her decision, her work remains pure—and that is the mission, which includes earning a living and staying healthy.

She is the vanguard.