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Saturday Jun 10, 2006

Driver’s Ed

There is no doubt that the mind alters reality based on one fundamental instruction—which we can call input.

Positive information in, positive information out. Or, on the other side: garbage in, garbage out.

If, for example, someone told you that driving on days that contain a certain numerical value is especially dangerous, your mind would absorb this information—and perhaps fulfill this prophecy.

It is up to you, however, to be strong and discern nonsense from sense.

Friday Apr 22, 2005

Driver’s Ed

The test of your character and inner strength comes not when everything is together, but when everything appears and feels as if it’s falling apart. And then, you see whether you can hold it together, which is what it’s all about—holding it together.

Being discerning and decisive is the key for moving forward; and it is momentum that prevents your inner monologue from dragging you down and driving you crazy.