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Sunday Nov 05, 2017


vincent by the sea
Vincent by the Sea

From my groundbreaking book, An Artist Empowered:

Van Gogh has become the cliche of the mad artist ignored in his time. But, if one reads Vincent’s lucid letters, it’s clear that he excelled in writing, too. He expressed himself well in matters of awareness, Eastern Philosophy, his time and surroundings, life, science, and his art.

Vincent Van Gogh also had a reverence for the eternal Buddha.

Van Gogh certainly wasn’t attached to the old school of European art; neither was he held hostage by the arbitrary rules of Impressionism, the modern art of his era. Vincent’s enormous influence on Post-Impressionism, Expressionism, and Abstract art was the result of risk, not appeasing the crowd, or even Theo—his brother and patron.

As fellow artist Gauguin wrote in a letter of 1889 to Emile Bernard: “What would you rather have? A mediocrity which pleases everyone or a talent which breaks new ground? We must choose if we have free will. … Attacks on originality are to be expected from those who lack the power to create and shrug their shoulders.”

The price an artist must pay for divine fire is dedication, not madness.