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Saturday Apr 24, 2010

Dig Deep, Brother


You might believe that you are a free thinker, an independent voice in the din of inequity. You might be such a person. But before you completely congratulate yourself, to find depth, you must dig deep, brother.

While social conditioning may provide some benefits to society, artists most especially must strive for firsthand information. If not, the artist becomes a cog instead of a creator.

If there is any doubt that we are all subject to brainwashing, consider this: we are indoctrinated from birth to believe that we are members of different tribes and belief systems based on borders, rote, and parenthood: American, Russian, French, Catholic, to Jewish, Hindu, and so on.

See reality as it is, which is also art and the essence of Zen. While this is a simple task, no one said that it would be easy.