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Saturday Mar 05, 2011

Dharma / Self-Confidence

Star Gazing

Self-confidence is a form of freedom that manifests as having a realistic self-assessment fueled by an absolute faith in your abilities.

While there is no ‘instant’ formula for acquiring confidence, there is a path from no confidence (point A) to confidence (point B).

You can follow a litany of self-help instructions in books and workshops designed to promote self-confidence, which can help. Or, you can cut through all the complications by discovering one thing that will reward you on many levels, including an immutable sense of self-worth, and a belief in yourself that cannot be diminished.

At the core of this freedom is in an ancient Hindu word, dharma—which means your purpose in life. When you are in dharma, no one does what you do better than you.

When you are in dharma, you are not deterred from achieving your desire by any outside authority. Your sense of worth is not dictated by the opinions of others.

When you are in dharma, fulfilling your life’s purpose, nothing can stop you from communicating the wonder of your inspired work.

You must find your dharma, and to paraphrase the Buddha: one’s work is to find one’s work—and that requires dedication.

As an artist in dharma, I prove the above to myself daily.