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Friday May 25, 2012

Consciousness Redux

ocean of consciousness
Ocean of Consciousness

Words are labels, and labels can be very handy, or misleading.

Be alert and see how consciousness is used everyday—most often with confounding unnecessary adjectives; i.e., higher consciousness.

Consciousness cannot be raised because it is a field like gravity or space-time. Consciousness, let us say the Great Creator, has already balanced the equation; it requires no improvement from us.

Awareness, however, can be raised. So, there is reason to rejoice.

One may say this is getting into semantics, and they would be correct. If we will bandy about cosmic rules, then let’s know what these words mean.

If you follow this thread, your awareness will begin to open up without any cumbersome cognitive thoughts.

The question invariably arises: Yes, but how do I do that—follow this thread?

Answer: If it is your mission, your dharma, you will find out whatever it takes.