Friday Jun 17, 2011

When Up Becomes Down

stonehedge redux
Stonehedge Redux

Adapting, often on the fly, is a prerequisite for unleashing original work in art, or in any worthwhile endeavor.

From An Artist Empowered:

What happens when what you previously knew as being totally true suddenly becomes untrue? How do you handle such a revision of reality?

Your world can be turned inside out. Down is up and up is down. Can you accept the new standard, or do you wallow in the shallow remains of the old contradictory belief system? This is a fundamental issue you must confront—now would be a good time—in order to triumph over attachment and its palpable potential to defeat you.

Making a significant change in your perception of what is true demands discarding that which is familiar no matter what the cost, a process that is ultimately more liberating than psychologically traumatic. Everything of value comes at a price. And if you are aware, you will get what you pay for because you know the value of what you are acquiring.

To dismiss what you believed in the face of unequivocal and contradictory evidence is the enduring path of the brave artist.

What choice do you have?

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