Tuesday Aug 31, 2004

Voice of Enigma

Every thing is no thing.

This seeming enigma could be a koan, which is a device used in Zen Buddhism to instill clarity where there was once confusion.

Zen, in its purest form, encourages understanding from personal experience, introspection, and intuition instead of blind faith and dogma.

Understanding the enigma is required, not a verbal response to it since transcendence is beyond thought and words. Intuitive understanding is a means of learning that is beyond logic. And those koans and their deep smiles of recognition add up.

One morning you awaken to a cumulative state: you discover your pure nature, your purpose in life—known as dharma in Hinduism.

Be eclectic and smart, draw upon truths from wherever they sprout, and remember that understanding, as the master revealed, is the booby prize.»

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