Thursday Nov 24, 2005

Universal Accountability

Thanksgiving Day is a good time to consider a much misused word.

Do you know what sacrifice means? If you haven’t experienced it, then the word is abstract.

To sacrifice, you give up something of great value for something else that you deem to be of even greater value—your art in this case. The word sacrifice is all too often used by too many to spell out an inconvenience. Sacrifice bites deeply and to the core.

Are you willing to put all else aside—family, home, friends, security, social pressures, you name it—so that you can create your art? This is, of course, the universal test. You will be held accountable to see whether your desire is truly a passion or an impotent wish to be famous.

There is no reason for an artist of passion to live in squalor in the 21st century. If the artist is a creator, then he must also create the context for his life.» 

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