Sunday Jan 12, 2003

True Affluence

What is affluence? Why are there less “haves” and considerably more “have nots?” And I’m not referring only to money here. If that were the only answer, then the path would be clear. There is something called moral bankruptcy, which can become as virulent as any epidemic.

Why is there an imbalance in the distribution of wealth and the bounty mother earth has to offer? The raw material for either paradise or hell is all here. Wealth and affluence over the eons have become politicized. The communists want to distribute the wealth to everyone in equal measure; this, of course, is absurd. The capitalists spout that you can accumulate as much as you like, but you have to earn it. More like it, I’d say, if it could be pure. So, we either have a state controlled economy, which ultimately destroys the individual, where God is dead. Or we have a so-called free market economy that sounds good on paper, but is riddled with confusion, special interest groups with unwholesome goals, mixed messages to the youth, a perennial welfare and self-induced disenfranchised class, and where consumerism becomes God. We are still in the realm of politics and economic theory.

We need to aim much higher.

True wealth and affluence come from yet another source. Read Deepak Chopra’s masterpiece of insight called Creating Affluence: Wealth Consciousness in the Field of All Possibilities, a remarkable book that will uplift your life.»

Note: If you want to delve into the field of all possibilities, the source of all material reality and affluence, read gratitude inside the main site gallery.

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